Terms & Conditions


All of our vessels are operated by one of the following companies: Masouras Bros Shipping Co Public Ltd, Sea Passion Yachting Ltd, Interyachting Ltd, Luxury Time Charters Ltd, ArtDev Ltd.  The Charter agreement is made between one of the above mentioned companies and the lead person of the booking ‘The Charterer’.


Booking and Deposits

The Charterer is responsible for the full cost of the charter including any amendment or cancellation charges (if applicable).

Cyprus Boat Booking require a non-refundable deposit equivalent to 30% of the total value of the charter, unless advised otherwise by us, in order for us to confirm your booking. Payment of the deposit means that you ‘The Charterer’ have accepted our quotation and the terms and conditions.

Once the deposit has be received by us, a booking confirmation will be sent to you ‘The Charterer’ by email detailing the date, vessel, time, port location, route and price of the charter. It is your responsibility to check the confirmation details and inform us of any discrepancies within 7 days from the date the confirmation email is sent. The outstanding balance of the charter must be paid 7 days prior to the charter date.

If full payment is not received by the due date (7 days prior to the charter date), we reserve the right to cancel your booking and make the date/vessel available to others. In this case, any funds already received will not be refunded.



We reserve the right to amend the prices at any time prior to booking confirmation. Once the deposit has been paid and the written confirmation has been sent, the prices will not be altered unless we are required by law to charge a government tax or levy introduced after the booking is confirmed.

If a price has been agreed on a per person basis, we will clarify what the minimum charge will be based on a minimum number of passengers. If for any reason the total number of passengers decreases below the minimum charge initially quoted, you will still be required to pay the minimum amount as originally quoted and agreed.



We do not accept cheques.

We accept bank transfers into our accounts in Cyprus as well as into our accounts in international payment systems. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to pay online using a credit/debit card, we will arrange for an automated email to be sent to you from our secure online payment system JCC Smart.

Please note that we advise you to check with your bank regarding any international payment charges that you could incur.


Amendments or Cancellation by you

If you ‘The Charterer’ are required to make any amendments to the date or time of the charter, we will make every effort to accommodate this subject to availability. Requests for amendments must be made in writing by you ‘The Charterer’.

You may cancel your arrangements at any time provided that the cancellation is made by the lead person of the booking ‘The Charterer’ and is communicated to us in writing. The cancellation charges as shown below will apply from the date the written cancellation request is received by us:

— 30% deposit will not be refunded if cancellation is made less than 30 days from the date of the charter

— Full payment will not be refunded if cancellation is made less than 7 days from the date of the charter

— If the quote given by us is based on a per person rate and the number of total passengers decrease within 30 days of the charter, refunds are not given for those who are unable to attend the charter.


Amendments of Cancellation by us

In the event of severe weather/sea conditions which would prevent sailing as instructed by the Captain and/or the Marine authorities, mechanical or technical faults, we reserve the right to cancel/postpone the charter at any time up to and including the date and time of the charter. In this case, alternative dates or another available yacht will be offered to you.

If the alternatives offered are not suitable to the Charterer, the total amount paid will be refunded in full as the exclusive remedy to the Charterer who shall have no further claim from the result of the cancellation.

In the event that the vessel you have booked is not available upon arrival due to reasons beyond our control (e.g. damage from a previous charter, mechanical or technical faults) we reserve the right to substitute a similar yacht.

It is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your booking after it has been confirmed, however, occasionally some changes may have to be made in which case we will endeavor to inform you at the earliest possible time. Compensation is not offered for minor changes.


Yacht Insurance

The yacht and yacht inventory are insured under a marine insurance policy against loss, damage and third party indemnity.

We do not carry insurance for personal injury, illness, loss or damage to personal belongings or for cancellation for any reason therefore the Charterer must arrange their own insurance for these risks and ensure that their existing policies will cover this activity.


‘Acts of God’

In the event that directly and exclusively results from the occurrence of natural causes that could not have been prevented by the exercise of foresight or caution; an inevitable accident, i.e. tornadoes, earthquakes, death, extraordinarily high tides, violent winds, ash cloud, tsunami and floods resulting in you not being unable to travel to Cyprus and go ahead with the charter then an alternative date will be set and no extra charges will be incurred.


Our Responsibility

We accept responsibility for the proven acts or omissions of our staff and suppliers whilst acting within the scope of their duties, except where attributable to any member of the charter group, an unconnected third party, or an event which we could not, with due care, have reasonably foreseen. Except in the case of death or personal injury any compensation shall be limited to the amount of payment received by us. It is a condition precedent of such acceptance of liability that you follow the procedures for the notification of complaints set out in the clause below.



If you have a problem during your charter, please inform the yacht Captain immediately so that he can endeavor to put things right. If the problem cannot be resolved, you must contact our office immediately by telephone or by email so that we are given an opportunity to help. If you fail to take any of these steps this will hinder our ability to put the problem right and/or investigate it fully and any right you have to receive compensation will be reduced or completely forfeited.


Behavior whilst on board

At all times you and your group will treat the yacht/ship with the highest of respect and not cause any damage to the yacht and always respect the decision of the Captain and its crew. If in the Captain’s opinion, anyone on board is acting in such a way to cause damage or distress the crew or the yacht, he will have the power to immediately terminate the contract without any other explanation, bring the yacht back into port and register the information with the marine authorities, who will then take action into their own hands with the necessary authorities. The Company will not accept any responsibility of the action or expenses involved.

In case of consumption of alcoholic beverages beyond the permissible limit, whose customers will be drunk, the captain has every right to stop the trip.



For the duration of the charter the Captain on board has absolute authority and his/her instructions should be adhered to at all times. The Captain will comply with all reasonable requests of the Charterer but will be the sole judge of all matters concerning seamanship and the safety of the yacht and its passengers.

If the Charterer fails to comply with the reasonable instructions of the Captain concerning seamanship and the safety of the yacht and the passengers, the Captain may return the yacht to the nearest port whereupon the charter will be terminated and the Charterer will not be entitled to repayment of any part of the charter fee or any other remedy.


Data Protection

Privacy & Cookies policy sets out the basis on which any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us. Please read our Privacy & Cookies policy carefully to understand our views and practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it. By visiting our website (cyprus-boat-booking.com) you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this policy.



If you are required to cancel your charter due to a Covid-19 lockdown imposed by your local government over the period that your charter is due to take place meaning you are no longer able to go ahead with the charter, you will be entitled to a refund of the total value paid. The refund will be issued within 14 working days from the date you confirm you are no longer able to travel to Cyprus.

A reduction in group numbers (if travelling from various countries), although not ideal, means the charter could still take place. Under these circumstances where fewer guest numbers are imposed, postponing to a later date could be a better option to consider and of course, any money paid will be secure and transferred to a new date.